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How To Get Noticed At MyBlogLog

There are four things you need to do in order to get noticed at MyBlogLog, and when you get noticed, you will receive traffic to your blog or website. I’ll try to be brief.

First, you need to add new contacts. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on members, and add the newest members of MyBlogLog. They are “always” online, and they don’t have many friends. Therefore, they will instantly notice you and most likely they will add you as their contact right away. They might even visit your blog/website within a few minutes.

Just click on their avatar, then click on “Add to my contacts”. That’s all, now they are your contacts and they will receive an e-mail that you have added them as your contact.

Second, you should join communities. The easiest way to do this is by joining new communities. Just click on communities (in the top menu) and then on new communities. You’ll see the two newest communities, click on the images. Then finally, click on join community. You’ll see your image after you have successfully joined the community.  You can also join large communities such as Top 50 Communities.

Third, you should leave a comment on user’s profiles and on their website community profile. When you leave a message, they will receive an e-mail or they will receive a notification on their MyBlogLog profile. This way, they will notice you. But remember to leave an interesting comment, and not just a “Hello there” comment (you know what I mean).

Fourth, when you receive comments (and you should receive some after you have posted your comments all over the place), be sure to respond to them promptly and thank them for their message. When you do, people will start to recognize you as a professional MyBlogLog user, one that interacts with other users and one that they should read more about (next step is reading your profile, be sure to add some interesting information).

If you are not using MyBlogLog, I urge you to join and start using it. This is a very interesting social community and if you use it right, it will drive massive traffic to your blogs or websites.

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  2. Good info for everyone who wants to get noticed in mybloglog, thanks for the share

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